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CIFOR's COBAM project announces 5 pilot projects

Climate Change increases the risks of floods for the populations living along the Congo River. Photo Alba Saray Pérez Terán

CIFOR’s COBAM project is backstopping five pilot projects in the Congo Basin, with the aim of testing and documenting the feasibility of synergy between adaptation to climate change and mitigation (REDD+) at the community level. The intention is to find a way of combining Sustainable Forest Management, the Convention on Biological Diversity and UNFCCC with community well-being, by taking stock of opportunities and negotiating  trade-offs.

The five pilot projects are:

  1. Monte Alen Landscape, Equatorial Guinea (English) (Espagnol)
  2. Kahuzi-Biega National Park, DRC (Français)
  3. Lukolela, DRC (Français)
  4. Parc National des Volcanoes, Rwanda (Français)
  5. Cameroun (Français)