Linking Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management: Policy Challenges and Opportunities

World Bank
July 2002

Prepared as a contribution to the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, the document focuses on ways to reduce poverty, and sustain growth. It defines the links between poverty, and the environment, and, demonstrates that sound, and equitable management of the environment is integral to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, in particular to eradicating extreme poverty, and hunger, reducing child mortality, combating major diseases, and ensuring environmental sustainability. Priorities for a sustained policy, and institutional change highlight governance improvement, enhanced assets of the poor, improved growth quality, and, reform international, and industrial country policies to address poverty, and environment concerns. To this end, the document emphasizes that policy opportunities exist, stipulating that poor people must be seen as part of the solution, rather than part of the problem; that environmental quality of growth matters to the poor; and, that environmental management cannot be treated separately from other development concerns. For improving governance, suggestions include the integration of poverty-environment issues into national development frameworks, and strengthening decentralization for environmental management, by empowering civil society, in particular marginal groups, and addressing gender dimensions of poverty-environment issues. The assets of the poor can be enhanced by strengthening the resources rights of the poor, and enhancing capacity to manage the environment, and expand access to environmentally sound, appropriate technology. By integrating poverty-environmental issues, encouraged by private sector involvement, into economic policy reforms, the quality of growth can be improved. Likewise, improved international and industrial-country trade policies, and foreign direct investments, enhanced by the contribution of multilateral environmental agreements to poverty reduction, can enhance effectiveness in the subject.

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92 pp.
World Bank, Washington, D.C.
Poverty-Environment Linkages

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