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Poverty and the Environment

Mink, S.D.
January 1993

The increasing difficulty for the poor to overcome poverty in the face of growing environmental constraints is one of the primary concerns of public policymakers. Because of environmental pollution and degradation, the poor become exposed to more health problems and their productivity is lessened. Conversely, because of poverty, natural resources are not used wisely since the poor are concerned mainly with day-to-day existence. A critical question confronting policymakers is whether the environmental aspects of poverty can be alleviated by modifying existing approaches, or if an entirely different strategy needs to be developed. To reverse the downward spiral of worsening poverty and natural resource degradation, certain 'win-win' strategies clearly need to be adopted. These include the promotion of poverty alleviation, reduction of risks and tenure insecurity, redistribution of unequally owned natural resources, and strengthening of education and public health programs

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Journal Article
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Finance & Development
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4 pp.
International Monetary Fund
Government Policy
Poverty-Environment Linkages