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Does Conserving Biodiversity Work To Reduce Poverty? A state of knowledge review

Leisher, C.
Sanjayan, M.
Blockhus, J.
Kontoleon, A.
Larsen, S.N.
August 2010

Can strategies designed to save nature also help reduce rural poverty? Many conservationists would like you to think so. If their actions work to reduce poverty, then a clear win-win situation is created greatly enhancing the viability of conservation efforts. Those in the development community, however, may be apathetic or even hostile to the entire idea, seeing it as a drain on precious resources. Much of the evidence used by supporters and detractors of the notion that conservation and poverty reduction are linked is anecdotal and too site specific to be broadly compelling. Here the authors review 400+ documents that focus on the nexus between biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction and specifically seek conservation interventions?or ?mechanisms??for which there is empirical evidence of impacts on poverty. This is the first-ever comprehensive review of what we know empirically about biodiversity conservation as a mechanism for poverty reduction.

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26 pp.
The Nature Conservancy, University of Cambridge, IIED
Poverty-Environment Linkages