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From Subsistence to Safety Nets and Cash Income: Exploring the diverse values of non-timber forest products for livelihoods and poverty alleviation

Shackleton, S.
Delang, C.O.
Angelsen, A
January 2011

Millions of rural and urban dwellers across the world make use of a wide diversity of forest products to fulfill several livelihood requirements, from direct household provisioning to cash income, cultural needs, and as a fall back in times of emergency or a means to income diversification. All these roles are significant, and often NTFPs perform multiple functions simultaneously. Valuing NTFPs therefore requires a holistic perspective that considers these products in relation to multiple livelihood strategies, and within particular contextual settings. The context within which people operate has major implications for the perceived importance and value of NTFPs. Chapter 3 deals with these issues, drawing on data from several countries to illustrate the benefits NTFPs bring to different types of households and how such forest products perform an important function in reducing vulnerability and ameliorating poverty.

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Non-timber Forest Products in the Global Context
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