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With 2127 titles, this bibliographic database once provided a comprehensive list of published literature on conservation-poverty linkages. The database was maintained from 2012 - 2016 and was updated monthly with those journal articles and publications that were featured in PCLG News and PCLG Journal Digest. You can search for publications by key word or by theme, and you can download the database into excel.

Note this database has not been updated since 2016. We do, however, maintain an offline archive of publications that we include in the PCLG News and PCLG Digest, and if you would like to see this archive to inform your research then get in contact and we can share this with you.

Displaying 1926 - 1950 of 2127 titles

Ipe, V.C.,
Published: 1995

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with a very low per capita income. The increasing poverty and instability in the political front led to degradation of the environment and natural resources in the country. The...

Perrings, C.,
Published: 1995

This text explores the socio-economic causes of environmental degradation in one sub-Saharan African economy. As the Botswana economy nears the end of a long mineral boom, the problem of policy-induced environmental degradation is becoming more...

Altieri, M.A.,
Published: 1995

Discusses the roles of traditional systems and biodiversity in promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development in the Third World.

Primack, R.B., Lovejoy, T.E.,
Published: 1995

Although Southeast Asian rainforests support a thriving commercial timber industry, information on these distinctive forests has not been available to a wide audience. This book provides a useful overview of the special problems facing these forests...

Barkham, J.P.,
Published: 1995

Despite the growth in awareness and practical action to maintain biodiversity, environmental degradation and ecosystem destruction has continued at a high rate over the last 20 years. The roots of this lie in the predominant international economic...

McNeely, J.A.,
Published: 1995

Protected areas around the globe national parks, wildlife reserves, biosphere reserves will prosper only if they are supported by the public, the private sector, and the full range of government agencies. Yet such support is unlikely unless society...

Stocking, M. , Morse, S.,
Published: 1995

A text for undergraduate students which concentrates on central themes and issues concerning environment and development, including discussion of policy issues and implications.

Reardon, T., Vosti, S.A.,
Published: 1995

This paper presents a framework for analyzing the links between poverty and the environment in rural areas of developing countries. It introduces the concept of 'investment poverty' and relates it to other measures of poverty in analysis of these...

Hanna, S., Munasinghe, M.,
Published: 1995

The collection of papers in this book and its companion volume, \"Property Rights in Social and Ecological Context: Case Studies and Design Applications,\" examine the relationships between people, the environment, and property rights and the ways in...

Anderson, A.B., Magee, P. , Gely, A., Jardim, M.A.G.,
Published: 1995

In the Amazon basin, few studies have focused on environmentally sound land-use alternatives that are linked to markets. This paper analyzes land uses carried out by traditional inhabitants (ribeirinhos) on three islands in the Amazon estuary....

O'Neal, A.E., Pandian, A.S., Rhodes-Conway, S.V.,, Bornbusch, A.H.,
Published: 1995

Conservation of biological diversity faces harsh criticism. Krauthammer (1991 )feels that conservation has become \"earth worship to the point of idolatry,\" and he dismisses biological diversity as an environmental luxury (a \"high aesthetic good...

Pimbert, M.P., Pretty, J.N.,
Published: 1995

Since the first establishment of protected areas of outstanding natural beauty or species and habitat uniqueness during the last century, there has been a remarkable expansion in numbers and area conserved. There are now close to 8500 major protected...

Norton-Griffiths, M., Southey, C.,
Published: 1995

This paper estimates the opportunity costs of biodiversity conservation in Kenya from the potential net returns of agricultural and livestock production, and compares them with the net returns from tourism, forestry and other conservation activities...

Qualset, C.O., McGuire, P.E., Warburton, M.L.,
Published: 1995

California's rich agricultural productivity is founded on its biological diversity, both native and exotic. Native species contribute genetic resources and play a vital part in preserving land, air and water quality. Exotic species introduced from...

Perrings, C.
Published: 1995

The cause of global change has been the subject of heated debate in the past few years, especially in relation to climate change and biodiversity decline. However, a systematic explanation for changes in the biosphere at the global level has still not...

Jodha, N. S.,
Published: 1995

Despite a rapid decline in their area and productivity, common property resources constitute an important component of community assets in the dry areas of India (Bromley and Cernea, 1989; Magrath, 1986; Ostrom, 1988) and are one of the community's...

Ghimire, K.B., Pimbert, M.P.,
Published: 1995

Protected areas and conservation policies are usually established with only local nature and wildlife in mind. Yet they can have far-reaching consequences for local populations - often harmful ones, undermining their access to resources and their...

Mearns, R.,
Published: 1995

This paper highlights some pitfalls in the existing literature on poverty-environment linkages in developing countries and offers an alternative analytical approach based on the notion of 'environmental entitlements'

Utting, P. ,
Published: 1995

This book assesses the achievements, complexities and limitations of attempts to promote forest protection and people’s participation in natural resource management. After the People Power Revolution of 1986, the Philippines gained international...