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With 2127 titles, this bibliographic database once provided a comprehensive list of published literature on conservation-poverty linkages. The database was maintained from 2012 - 2016 and was updated monthly with those journal articles and publications that were featured in PCLG News and PCLG Journal Digest. You can search for publications by key word or by theme, and you can download the database into excel.

Note this database has not been updated since 2016. We do, however, maintain an offline archive of publications that we include in the PCLG News and PCLG Digest, and if you would like to see this archive to inform your research then get in contact and we can share this with you.

Displaying 1951 - 1975 of 2127 titles

McGregor, J. ,
Published: 1995

This article analyses the relationship between environmental change and the availability and use of gathered produce in one of Zimbabwe's deforested communal areas. Based on a series of interviews with households of different socio‐economic status, it...

Poole, P.,
Published: 1995

This report is an outcome of a survey done on 63 mapping projects carried out by indigenous communities or their associations in across the world.The purpose of the survey is to document the ways in which indigenous communities use maps and advanced...

Jusoff, K. , Majid, N.M.,
Published: 1995

Kelantan State, claimed to be one of the poorest states in Malaysia, has forest lands, nature reserves and other protected natural areas which are under increasing threat from a variety of human activities. At the same time, the State government lacks...

Reardon, T. , Vosti , S.
Published: 1995

This paper presents a framework for analyzing the links between poverty and the environment in rural areas of developing countries. It introduces the concept of “investment poverty” and relates it to other measures of poverty in analysis of these...

Scoones, I.,
Published: 1995

Recent years have seen a major rethinking of some of the hallowed assumptions of range ecology and range management practice. This book examines the management and policy implications of new ecological thinking for pastoral development in dryland...

Fiallo, E.A., Jacobson, S.K.,
Published: 1995

A prerequisite for the long-term sustainability of parks and protected areas is public involvement and support for the conservation of natural resources. Towards the above ends, the present study analyses local residents' attitudes, knowledge, and...

Cruz , M.C.J.,
Published: 1995

This overview paper stresses what most of the authors believe: that in order to successfully manage biodiversity, local residents and resource users must be involved, and the people who are affected by conservation projects must be partners in the...

Amend, S., Amend, T.,
Published: 1995

The relationship between protected natural areas and local human populations is extemely complex. This challenging book with diverse contributions from experts covering 13 countries, places the issues in context. Originally published in Spanish, it...

Polasky, S., Solow, A.
Published: 1995

One justification for species conservation is the possibility that species will be found to be beneficial. Existing models of the value of a collection of potentially beneficial species typically assume that the probability that each species is...

Binns, T.,
Published: 1995

The relationship between people and environment in Africa is often misunderstood and distorted. African people are frequently seen as victims of the environment and prime movers in the progressive exhaustion and degradation of environmental resources...

Published: 1995
Chambers, R.
Published: 1995

This paper explores how professionals’ universal, reductionist and standardized views of poverty differ from those of the poor themselves. Poverty line thinking concerned with income-poverty and employment thinking concerned with jobs, project...

Howard, P.,
Published: 1995

The study assesses the overall benefits and costs associated with Uganda's protected area system so as to determine the net benefit to society of maintaining them. It identifies a host of values attributable to protected areas and the array of...

Mabogunje, A.L.,
Published: 1995

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa are doing some rethinking, after decades of development that have resulted in continued poverty, international indebtedness, environmental degradation, and inappropriate Western models. Technological innovations,...

Watkins, K.,
Published: 1995

The UN Charter of 1945 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set out a moral framework for a system of rights and obligations upon which the new world order was to be built. Yet, over 50 years on, the basic rights enshrined in the Charter are...

Barber, C.V., Afiff, S., Purnomo, A.,
Published: 1995

In Tiger by the Tail? Reorienting Biodiversity Conservation and Development in Indonesia, Charles Victor Barber,Suraya Afiff and Agus Purnomo, have drawn a compelling picture of efforts to integrate biodiversity and development in the world's fourth...

Western, D., Wright, M., Strum, S.,
Published: 1994

Both realism and justice demand that efforts to conserve biological diversity address human needs as well. The most promising hope of accomplishing such a goal lies in locally based conservation efforts – an approach that seeks ways to make local...