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With 2127 titles, this bibliographic database once provided a comprehensive list of published literature on conservation-poverty linkages. The database was maintained from 2012 - 2016 and was updated monthly with those journal articles and publications that were featured in PCLG News and PCLG Journal Digest. You can search for publications by key word or by theme, and you can download the database into excel.

Note this database has not been updated since 2016. We do, however, maintain an offline archive of publications that we include in the PCLG News and PCLG Digest, and if you would like to see this archive to inform your research then get in contact and we can share this with you.

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Mellor, J.W.,
Published: 1988

The close link between environmental problems and poverty in developing countries is reviewed, with particular reference to the impact of growing populations on the environment. Separate consideration is given to the relationships between population...

Anderson, D., Grove, R.,
Published: 1987

A new, interdisciplinary look at the practices and policies of conservation in Africa is presented in this volume. For the first time social scientists, anthropologists, and historians have been brought together with biologists, in order to illuminate...

World Commission On Environment and Development ,
Published: 1987

In 1983, the U.N. General Assembly created the World Commission on Environment and Development, an independent committee of twenty-two members, headed by Gro Harlem Brundtland, the Prime Minister of Norway. Designed to examine global environment and...

Eidsvik, H.K.,
Published: 1986
Welch Jr., C.E., Meltzer, R.I.,
Published: 1985

Human Rights and Development in Africa focuses on the variety of typical and significant human rights issues that trouble the African continent. The first book to explore these issues in an interdisciplinary manner, its fourteen chapters provide...

McNeely, J.A., Pitt, D.,
Published: 1985

One of the first collections to address from a global perspective cultural practices and beliefs to the conservation of biological diversity.

Richards, P.,
Published: 1985

Reviews traditional agricultural methods and their relation to ecological diversity and sustainability.

Just, R.E., Candler, W.,
Published: 1985

This paper reports on the estimation of crop-yield equations in the context of mixed cropping where several crops are grown on the same plot. Mixed cropping has been developed by traditional farmers across much of sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia. The...

Goodland, R.J.A.,
Published: 1984

This paper highlights the fact that certain peoples, specifically tribal, who are still living on the periphery of the dominant national society, deserve special consideration under World Bank projects. This consideration will ensure that they will...

McNeely, J.A., Miller, K.R.,
Published: 1984

Proceedings of the World Congress on National Parks, Bali, Indonesia, 11-22 October 1982.

Thibodeau, F.R., Field, H.H.,
Published: 1984

This book examines how to balance the need to maintain the natural environment with the pressure to develop land and improve the quality of life of people in developing nations. It proposes a \"World Conservation Strategy\" to foster sustainable...

Peary Pal, B.,
Published: 1982
Organisation of Africa Unity,
Published: 1981
Chambers, R.,
Published: 1981
Published: 1980

One of the first texts seeking to link conservation with development.

Published: 1975

This Resolution calls on Governments not to displace people from protected areas and to take special accounts of the needs of indigenous people.

Goldsmith, E.,
Published: 1974
Published: 1974
Meadows, D.H.,
Published: 1972