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Cameroon bibliographic database

A bibliographic database of the literature on conservation-poverty linkages in Cameroon. It can be searched for publications by key word, by theme, by publication type or by great ape species. The publications in this page are displayed in reverse order by publishing date. Search the full bibliographic database for global results.

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Nkemnyi, M.F., de Haas, A., Etiendem, N.D., Ndobegang, F.
Published: 2013

This study evaluates the choices indigenous communities living adjacent areas of conservation interest face when the resources are under conservation consideration. These resources have been their main source of livelihood for decades, and it is...

Oyono, P.R., Biyong, M.B., Samba, S.G.
Published: 2012

This paper examines the state of livelihoods under the exercise of new community rights to forest in rural Cameroon. The assessment makes use of a set of livelihoods indicators. The granting and exercise of new community rights- specifically...

Ceruttiab, P.O., Tacconi, L., Lescuyer, G., Nasi, R.
Published: 2012

This article discusses the extent, impacts, and governance dynamics of illegal logging and associated corruption in the chainsaw milling sector in Cameroon and the implications for natural resource management theory and international initiatives...

Brashares, J.S., Golden, C.D., Weinbaum, K.Z., Barrett, C.C., Okello, G.V.
Published: 2011

The harvest of wildlife for human consumption is valued at several billion dollars annually and provides an essential source of meat for hundreds of millions of rural people living in poverty. This harvest is also considered among the greatest threats...

Sandker, M., Campbell, B.M., Nzooh, Z., Sunderland, T., Amougou, V
Published: 2009

Integrated conservation and development projects (ICDPs) have had limited success in addressing the often conflicting objectives of conservation and development. We developed a model with local participants to explore the trade-offs between...

FAO Regional Office for Africa,
Published: 2009

Nature & Faune Volume 24, Issue No. 1 offers a collection of 14 diverse articles highlighting different aspects of mangroves - from the lush natural stands and enrichment planting, to the various uses of the mangrove ecosystems. The Special...

Assembe Mvondo, S.,
Published: 2006

This article examines different uses of forest-based incomes by local communities in Cameroon. Following, the 1994 forestry legislation, local communities have had the opportunity to derive income from forests in the form of annual fees from logging...

Ndoye, O., Awono, A., Schreckenberg, K., Leakey, R.,
Published: 2004

A policy briefing note for the governments in the African humid tropic region.

Bauer, H.,
Published: 2003

Waza National Park, Cameroon, is representative of trends towards more participatory protected area management in Africa. It has no transition zone and interactions with the surrounding human population are complex. A recently adopted management plan...

Weladji, R.B., Tchamba, M.N.,
Published: 2003

Knowledge of conflicts between people and protected areas is required for the design of sustainable conservation strategies for the management of most protected areas. This study identifies the causes of conflicts between local people and the Bénoué...

Etoungou, P.,
Published: 2003

Cameroon’s 1994 Forestry Law launched a new approach to natural resource management. The 1996 Constitution introduced decentralized authorities, whose role is to enable the economic, social and cultural development of its peoples. Though the...

Ngwa, N.S.E., Fonjong, L.N.,
Published: 2002

This paper examines the various challenges faced by the State and other conservation agencies in natural resource management and the possible options which can be employed in an effort to ensure a sustainable exploitation of the forest in Anglophone...

Mayaka, T.B.,
Published: 2002

The ongoing efforts to set up wildlife co-management in Northern Cameroon are investigated. To this end, a situation analysis of legal, social, economic, and organizational factors was performed. It thus appeared that participatory management has been...

Brown, D., Schreckenberg, K.,
Published: 2001

Collection which takes as its theme the many and important values which can be derived from community involvement in forest management in the humid tropics, focussing on one of the major timber producers of the tropical world – the West African...

Abbot, J.I.O., Thomas, D.H.L., Gardner, A.A., Neba, S.E., Khen, M.W.
Published: 2001

Integrated conservation and development projects (ICDPs) attempt to link the conservation of natural resources with the development needs of local people. Recent reviews have provided differing perspectives on the relative success of ICDPs in...