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Demographic pressure and natural resources conservation

This paper presents results of a field survey in Nlobesse'e, Dja Biosphere Reserve in southern Cameroon to evaluate the various effects that increase in the local populations exert in resource conservation. A marked negative impact on conservation of natural resources with a decrease of 6.2% of the resources. There is meat demand of 44.4kg of bush meat per day. Hunting and fishing were noted for negatively influencing conservation of biodiversity contributed 15.2% and 11.2% respectively of the total income of households. Other sources include: wages from agro-plantation contributing 40.3, farming 24.2%, commerce 3% and others 4.58%. It is recommended that other sources of income such as the creation of small scale enterprises and ecotourism should be encouraged in and around biospheres reserves.

Timah, E.A., Ajaga, N., Tita, D.F., Ntonga, L.M. and Bongsiyi, I.B.
Ecological economics
Volume etc.: 
64, 475-483
Year published: