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A bibliographic database of the literature on conservation-poverty linkages in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It can be searched for publications by key word, by theme, by publication type or by great ape species. The publications in this page are displayed in reverse order by publishing date. Search the full bibliographic database for global results.

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Nackoney, J., Williams, D.
Published: 2013

Including a diverse set of stakeholders in collaborative land use planning processes is facilitated by data and maps that communicate and inform an array of possible planning options and potential scenarios of future land use change. In northern...

Willemen, L., Drakou, E.G., Dunbar, M.B., Mayaux, P., Egoh, B.N.
Published: 2013

Society has always benefited from ecosystems through the provision of ecosystem services. To ensure a continuous flow of these benefits, different strategies aimed at safeguarding ecosystem services are proposed. In this paper we explore how...

Forest Peoples Programme,
Published: 2005

This critical review illustrates how World Bank Group (WBG) forest-related policies and practice are posing an ever greater threat to forests and forest-dependent peoples around the world. Amongs many others, the review analyses the WBG’s involvement...

Wilkie, D., Shaw, E., Rotberg, F., Morelli, G., Auzel, P.
Published: 2000

Road density is closely linked to market accessibility, economic growth, natural resource exploitation, habitat fragmentation, deforestation, and the disappearance of wildlands and wildlife. Research in the Republic of Congo shows that roads...

Published: 1975

This Resolution calls on Governments not to displace people from protected areas and to take special accounts of the needs of indigenous people.

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