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16th Annual BIOECON Conference 2014

22nd -23rd September 2014, Kings College Cambridge, UK

The BIOECON Partners announced the Sixteenth Annual International BIOECON conference, in 2014 with the theme of "Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainability". The conference was held at Kings College Cambridge, England on the 22nd -23rd September 2014. The conference was intended for  researchers and policy makers working on issues related to biodiversity, ecosystem services, sustainable development and natural capital, in both developed and developing countries.

Papers on the following themes were presented:

- Natural capital and wealth accounting 
- Policy evaluation of biodiversity-related policies 
- Institutional frameworks for resource conservation (property rights, market instruments etc.)
- Valuation methodology and its application to biodiversity conservation 
- Behavioural economics in biodiversity policy design 
- Evaluation of conservation policy successes and failures
- Issues of governance and management of natural resources in developing countries 
- Development, growth and resource constraints, especially in relation to food security
- Resources management, distribution, development, poverty alleviation 
- Institution-building for provision of global public goods

For more information visit - Biodiversity and Economics for Conservation