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Call for Participants for UNEP Workshop 2014

20-21st September 2014, Cambridge, UK

UNEP Workshop: Incorporating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services into National Development Policy, Cambridge, UK, 20-21st September 2014

An economic perspective on ecosystem management is essential for decision-makers managing resource constraints, conflicts and trade-offs while designing and implementing development policies. Economics provides some tools and methods for considering how to make these trade-offs, and how to deal with these constraints. UNEP's VANTAGE (Valuation & Accounting of Natural Capital for Green Economy) program and ProEcoServ (Project on Ecosystem Services) aims to mainstream ecosystem services into fiscal, monetary, trade and investment policy of countries through economic tools.

In order to provide a setting within which policy makers and academics can discuss such problems and issues, UNEP called for participation in a Training Workshop to occur at Kings College Cambridge on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September, 2014. The workshop intended to enhance knowledge and skills of participants on the application of economics to the problem of incorporating the values of biodiversity and ecosystem services into national policies. Specific focuses of the workshop included:

  •       Economic Instruments
  •       Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity
  •       Natural Capital Accounting
  •       Payment for Ecosystem Services
  •       Policy context of Market Based Instruments
  •       Case Studies

It also provided a platform for networking among experts, policy-makers and practitioners.

Participants additionally had the opportunity to continue their stay at Kings College through the 22 September to include attendance of sessions of the BIOECON Annual Conference on September 22-23.

Resource Persons

  •        Prof. Giles Atkinson, Dept. of Geography and Environment, LSE
  •        Prof. Stefanie Engel, Dept. of Environment and Economics, ETH Zurich
  •        Dr. Kirk Hamilton, formerly with The World Bank
  •        Prof. Nick Hanley, University of St. Andrews
  •        Dr. Pushpam Kumar, Chief, Ecosystem Services Unit, UNEP
  •        Prof. James Salzman, Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University
  •        Prof. Jacqueline McGlade, Chief Scientist, UNEP
  •        Prof. William Sutherland, Dept. of Zoology, University of Cambridge

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