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Measuring the Socio-Economic Impacts of Conservation

17-19 July, Cambridge, UK

This workshop organised by Fauna & Flora International, the African Wildlife Foundation and Birdlife International explored the challenges and solutions to monitoring and evaluating socio-economic/livelihoods impacts in conservation programmes.  Representatives from a range of conservation and development organisations and academia gathered to share experiences of the application of socio-economic/livelihoods monitoring and evaluation (M&E) with the aim of identifying pragmatic recommendations and guidelines for conservation practitioners that balance technical rigour with field realities. The development sector, which has a longer history and experience of using and developing socio-economic/livelihoods M&E tools and processes, provided a valuable counterpoint to the discussion. The first day focused on comparing field level M&E tools and frameworks, whilst the second day focused on organisational process for M&E and reporting, and the challenge of reconciling field level, organisational and donor information requirements in a unified M&E system. 

Workshop Documents:

Measuring the Impact of Livelihoods Initiatives in a Conservation Context - A Summary Report /  Full text

Further Documents:

Conservation News - Measuring the Impact of Livelihoods in a Conservation Context

Workshop Presentations:

Socio-economic monitoring protocols in Cambodia
Sarah Milne, Cambridge University, UK