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Poverty and Conservation Learning Group Inception Meeting - Taking the Learning Group Forward

12-13 December 2005, UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, UK

The inception meeting of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group was convened in December 2005. 46 organisations that are actively involved in, or affected by, conservation-poverty linkages were invited. Of these, 27 organisations were able to participate in the meeting. The meeting was convened with three key aims:

  • To recap on the rationale for the Learning Group and to introduce potential Group members to each other.
  • To review and agree proposed protocols of the Group.
  • To develop a learning agenda for the next 1-2 years.

Workshop Document:

Notes from the Inception Meeting are available to view - Taking the Learning Group Forward 

Further Documents:

The Wetlands and Poverty Reduction Project 
Wetlands International

Workshop Presentations:

Advancing Conservation in a Social Context
Thomas McShane, International Institute for Sustainability, Arizona State University, US

Conservation, Poverty and Indigenous Peoples
Marcus Colchester, Forest Peoples Programme, UK

Conservation for Poverty Reduction Initiative

Nature and Poverty Initiative
Peter van Sluijs, Milieudefensie / FoE Netherlands

Poverty and Conservation: the approach of the CBD
Peter Herkerath, UNEP-WCMC, UK

Poverty Environmental Partnership
Steve Bass, International Institute for Environment and Development, UK

Poverty-Conservation Programming
Care International, UK

ProFor Poverty Forest Linkages Toolkit
Jill Blockhus, Program on Forests, US

Poverty and Environment Initiative