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Global land-use change - ZSL Talk 2015

10th February 2014, London, UK

ZSL Talk - Global land-use change: causes and consequences for biodiversity

Anthropogenic environmental changes, such as global land use and land cover change, driven by rapid human population growth and increasing demand for agricultural and forest products, are impacting the balance of the Earth system. Land use and land cover change is a primary cause of biodiversity loss, the second largest source of carbon emissions, and has a major impact on the water cycle and the climate. This meeting will highlight the causes of land use and land cover change, investigate the impacts on biodiversity loss, ecosystem functioning and ecosystem services, and explore how non-market and public benefits, including wildlife conservation, can be incorporated into land-use planning. The meeting will also present the new Land Use Forum London (LUFLondon), an interdisciplinary network of researchers, students and policy-makers who share an interest in the causes and consequences of land use and land cover change. The Forum is open to all who wish to participate (

This Science and Conservation event is free; seating is allocated on a first come, first served basis. Doors open at 5pm for a 6pm start.

For all enquiries, please contact the Scientific Events Coordinator at or call 0207 4496227.

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