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Land, livestock and livelihoods: changing dynamics of gender, caste and ethnicity in a Nepalese village

The Small Farmers' Development Program (SFDP) in Ghusel VDC, Lalitpur District has been used to provide credit to farmers to purchase buffalo for milk production in the past 10 years. This paper presents results that show that beffalo keeping and milk sales are increasing the well being of many households while also creating new inequalities in gender roles and responsibilities, greater inequities between Brahmin and Tamang residents in Ghusel and increasing pressure for grazing and fuel wood. It is vital that attention to social and gender implications of maintaining livestock for milk sales and the ecological underpinning of this be fully understood.

Thomas-Slayter, B. and Bhatt, N.
Human Ecology
Volume etc.: 
22,4, 467-494
Year published: