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Bioclimate Research and Development

Bioclimate Research and Development

Bioclimate works to improve the lives of rural communities and the way they manage their natural and financial resources. Rural communities rely on natural resources for their livelihoods. We work with local partners in countries around the world to help communities gain land tenure and access to resources. Our projects help communities improve the way they manage land, forests and coastal ecosystems. Communities benefit in different ways, like more stable and fertile soil, and a more secure supply of clean water, food, fuel and other environmental products and services.


Women’s Intertidal Resource Management Project, Mozambique: Working with octopus fishing women.

Thari Women's Water, Food and Enterprise Project, Pakistan: Working with women in the Tharparkar desert.

Sustainable Thriving Environments for West African Rural Development (STEWARD), Guinea and Sierra Leone: Working with local communities to strengthen community forests through payments for ecosystem services.

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Willie McGhee

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Bioclimate Research and Development

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