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Change Life Organization

Change Life Organization is a relief, humanitarian and development organization whose mission is to mobilize and help people especially the poorest and the most vulnerable people and their communities in promoting their cultural, social, economic and environmental change for their well being.

The Organization aims at working to bring change in the lives of the poorest and the most vulnerable people and their communities. It assists individuals and families and as well as their communities to tackle the problems of poverty and address them.The Organization advocates for the rights of children and women for their potentials and participation in their full development and seeks to empower youth for their future. The Organization mobilizes all people in different categories to make change where necessary so as to ensure a better future. The Organization makes interventions in the areas of Environmental protection, Agriculture and Food security, Economic Development, Secure livelihoods, Water, Sanitation and hygiene, Disaster relief, Children & Women Empowerment, Health and Education.


Name of Project: Lake Muhazi conservation Project
Location: Rutunga Sector, Gasabo District, Kigali, Rwanda
The project aims at protecting the lake against bad weeds that cover the surface of water, tree planting and as well as against soil erosion on the hills around the lake.


Type of organisation: 
Development organisation