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Foret pour le developpement integral (FODI)

FODI is an organization that supports four communities in the development of four forest concessions to local communities in the territory of Walikale in the northeast of the Park National of Kahuzi-Biega. We have developed a management plan with 79 000 hectares of forests as for full conservation. This area is the habitat of gorillas and chimpanzees.

Four future forest concessions of local communities include an area of approximately 180,000 hectares.

This experience of community forestry is appreciated by the Department of the Environment in Kinshasa which suffers from lack of technical and financial support to ensure effective conservation of gorillas and chimpanzees who until now have escaped from poaching.


Community beekeeping, at Mika. The project is to produce honey and to market it. The sale of honey should provide benefits to the communities in order to improve the revenue at the level of the household. We plan in the future develop Community eco-tourism to the gorilla and the chimpanzee to promote local development


Telephone: +243 997 070 385