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Green Planet Initiative International is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation established in 2008, committed to carrying out activities that ensure the sustainable management of environmental resources, promotion of sound health and well-being.


Community-Based Approach to Climate Change Mitigation in Nsan Community, Cross River State, Nigeria: This is an innovative project conceived and developed by the local community. The project utilised indigenous initiatives which are expected to help in the mitigation of climate change impacts at the community level, as well as provide alternatives to the livelihoods of the target communities. The project sensitised 500 rural poor on the impacts of climate change as well as mitigation measures; improved the environmental management capacity of the community members by planting 2,000 trees (Irvingia gabonensis); carried out training and construction of 500 solar cookers made from plywood in one rainforest community (Nsan) and trained and empowered 200 community members - mainly women and girls - with alternative sources of livelihood such as soap making, bead making and goat raring.

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Conservation organisation

Ugah Godwin Unimke

Telephone: +2347068541079

Green Planet Initiative International

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