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Legado Vision: A world in which individual choices lead to a collective legacy of a thriving planet.

Legado Mission: Catalysing legacy-driven leadership to support a flourishing future for the people and biodiversity in Africa.

Legado establishes legacy-driven community conservation projects that protect biodiversity, make measurable human livelihood gains, and empower many to flourish. Our work falls under two primary initiatives: Legado Namuli is Legado’s flagship initiative and aims to develop a community-based sustainable management system around Mount Namuli to conserve its rich and unique biodiversity as well as the critically important ecosystem services it provides to its surrounding inhabitants The Legado Fellows Initiative cultivates emerging leaders who excel at using a multidisciplinary approach to conserving the natural world and driving positive change for human societies.

Legado achieves nature conservation in rural areas in low-income communities by designing a future with local communities which includes increased natural resource sustainability and improved livelihoods. We implement a grassroots participatory approach to achieve conservation and rural development by engaging local stakeholders and empowering them to make sustainable decisions regarding their natural resource use. Part of our strategy focuses on physical interventions such as the introduction of permagarden agricultural methods to enhance food security, provide income and reduce deforestation due to slash and burn agriculture. We strive to create ownership in the Mount Namuli communities over their future vision of the natural resources and environment they inhabit. Legado partners with LUPA, a Mozambican NGO focused on conservation and community development, that is the implementing arm of the Legado: Namuli initiative.



Namuli - Mount Namuli, Gurue District, Zambezia Province, Mozambique

The Namuli Initiative aims to develop a community-based natural resource management system around Mount Namuli in northern Mozambique. Building on existing global best practice for community conservation, the initiative aims to empower Namuli communities to more sustainably manage their natural resources through community-based governance and to assist local communities to understand the potential benefits and challenges of codifying this system under law. Legado is working with these communities, local NGO partners, government and other stakeholders to increase local and global understanding of the mountain’s natural resources, to build capacity and instill a sense of ownership over these resources, and to develop a vision for Namuli’s future.


Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Name: Eric Wilburn