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Nature Adventure Africa Safaris, Ltd.

Nature Adventure Africa Safaris, Ltd. is a locally owned and operated ecotourism enterprise. Our non-profit sector, The Child Uganda Initiative, is an effort dedicated to bridge the gap between conservation and poverty alleviation. Our greatest desire is to improve the relationship between people, wilderness, and wildlife via poverty reduction, augmenting employment opportunities for local people and providing educational opportunities. We want to see Uganda become a top safari destination, a great place to live and work for its people, and a beacon of natural resource conservation and wildlife protection.


Child Uganda Initiative – Kampala, Uganda


Years ago, two Ugandan parents saw an urgent need for better access to education for the children living in their village. Setting aside what little they had, the Sanganzira Primary School was officially established. 

Little did these parents know at the time, but one of the school's first students would eventually go on to major in tourism at Kampala's Makerere University. After graduation, that student, Moses Konde, would soon become the Managing Director of Nature Adventure Africa Safaris Ltd. He shortly thereafter devised a way to give back to the community that had given him so much.


Today, the Sanganzira Primary School hosts roughly 300 students, many of whom are orphans. There is a desperate need for an upgraded infrastructure, in addition to other poverty reduction strategies for the village.

While we recognize that this is no small feat, we are compelled to do what we can to assist the people of Sanganzira. We believe that the school and village can be transformed, and that our unique partnership will one day become a model for other conservation institutions and ecotourism groups to follow.  We consider it a privilege to show visitors the natural beauty of the Uganda we know and love! But we would be saddened if they left without the satisfaction that something was given back in return. At Nature Adventure Africa Safaris, a small portion of visitor costs helps aid the Sanganzira village and primary school, located not far from the shores of Lake Victoria in the Buikwe district of Uganda. We also provide local children with conservation education of chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, as well as other wildlife in Uganda.

We would be interested in contributing our ideas for linking conservation with poverty reduction, to learn from likeminded individuals and to partner with any institutions working in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to safeguard the mountain gorillas.


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Michael Schwartz – US representative | Child Uganda Initiative

Associate, International League of Conservation Writers

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