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Ford Foundation

Created with gifts and bequests by Henry and Edsel Ford, the Foundation is an independent organisation and a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. The Ford Foundation works mainly by making grants or loans that build knowledge and strengthen organisations and networks. The Foundation?s main goals are to:
? strengthen democratic values;
? reduce poverty and injustice;
? promote international cooperation and advance human achievement.


The Ford Foundation has two initiatives related to poverty reduction and conservation. The first is called ?Expanding Community Rights Over Natural Resources? and is focused on increasing access to and control over forests, grasslands, and other natural resources by marginalized communities and on ensuring that major government funding programmes related to natural resources are adapted to the needs of traditionally marginalized groups within low-income rural communities. The second is called ?Responses to Climate Change that Strengthen Rural Communities? and focuses on ensuring that policies and programmes related to Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) and biofuels take into account equity and social justice issues. The Ford Foundation has Program Officers focused on natural resources and sustainable development in its field offices in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Mexico.

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