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Forest Peoples Programme (FPP)

Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) is a non-profit organisation that advocates an alternative vision of how forests should be managed and controlled, based on respect for the rights of the peoples who know them best. FPP works with forest peoples in South America, Central Africa, South and South East Asia, and Central Siberia to help these communities secure their rights, build up their own organisations and negotiate with governments and companies as to how economic development and conservation is best achieved on their lands. The Forest Peoples Project was set up in 1999 as the charitable arm of the Forest Peoples Programme, to improve social, economic and environmental conditions for indigenous and tribal forest peoples worldwide.


1. Indigenous Peoples and Protected Areas: From Principles to Practice: Forest Peoples Project has worked with indigenous communities to analyse the impact of conservation areas on their livelihoods and their rights, and to help them engage in dialogue with conservation agencies.
2. Community Mapping in Guyana: In 2003 FPP supported the Amerindian of Guyana to compile a map showing the extent of Amerindian land claims, the extent of current titled lands and their overlap with all existing mining and logging concessions and proposed protected areas. The maps are being used to help resolve land conflicts and inform dialogues and negotiations with government agencies, mining and logging companies, and conservation agencies.
3. Community Mapping in Venezuela: FPP is assisting the Piaroa and Hiwi peoples of the middle Orinoco to map their lands and develop natural resource management plans based on their indigenous knowledge.
4. Community Mapping in Siberia: FPP helped the Evenki population carry out territorial mapping. These maps were successfully used in a court case to oblige a petroleum company to reroute a proposed oil pipeline around a trapping area critical to local livelihoods.
5. The Forest People?s Programme (FFP) has been exploring indigenous rights in Cameroon (and elsewhere) and the degree to which they are affected by conservation. One project was to work with Baka hunter-gatherer settlements located near the new Boumba Bek NP to map their traditional territories, which overlap areas of high concentrations of western lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, and to help them secure their rights while also protecting the apes. FPP is also working with WWF to address the divide between conservation organisations and authorities and indigenous communities through greater involvement in forest management.

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Indigenous Peoples/Local Community Organisation
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