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Regional Community Forestry Training Centre (RECOFTC)

RECOFTC is an international not-for-profit organisation based in Bangkok, Thailand, that works closely with partners to design and facilitate learning processes and systems to support community forestry and community-based natural resource management. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutions, programmes, projects and networks, RECOFTC aims to enhance capacity at all levels and to promote constructive multi-stakeholder dialogues and interactions to ensure equitable and sustainable management of forest and natural resources. RECOFTC?s main geographical focus is in the Asia-Pacific region, but it welcomes collaboration with organisations from other regions.


1. Regional Analysis and Representation (RAR) identifies important themes in community-based forest management, analyses issues and presents position statements at regional and international fora, and acts as an information hub in the region.
2. The Capacity Building Services (CABS) programme?s objective is to enhance the formation and implementation of community-based natural resource policies, and to strengthen institutions and processes by developing cost-effective and quality capacity-building products and services for stakeholders at all levels.
3. The Country Program Support (COPS) identifies and validates best practices and documents lessons learned in community-based forest management systems in a number of countries selected according to clearly identified criteria and indicators.

Type of organisation: 
Environment-Development Institution

Mike Nurse

Regional Community Forestry Training Centre (RECOFTC), P.O. Box 1111Kasetsart University, Bangkok 10903, Thailand
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