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Wetlands International

Wetlands International is an International NGO that works globally, regionally and nationally to achieve the conservation and wise use of wetlands, as a contribution to sustainable development. Wetlands International?s mission is to sustain and restore wetlands, their resources and biodiversity for future generations.


1. Wetlands and Livelihoods Project (WLP): Field demonstration projects, which link wetland conservation with livelihood improvement, are joined by policy advocacy and capacity building work in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania in order to include wetlands in national and international climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, improvement of water management policies of river catchments areas and coastal wetland.
2. Green Coast Project: The Green Coast project was developed in response to the December 2004 Tsunami that hit the coasts of Asian countries. It restored coastal ecosystems and improved people?s livelihoods in five countries. Currently, follow up project are taken place in Indonesia and Thailand combining mangrove restoration techniques with improved silvofishery strategies.
3. West African Mangrove Initiative: Mangrove conservation is achieved by reducing pressure from human activities on mangroves and reforestation of degraded areas. Livelihoods are improved through the introduction of sustainable production methods, such as solar salt production and improved fish smoking ovens, which together decrease the need for mangrove trees for fuel wood. On the regional scale, the Mangrove Charter and Action Plan for West Africa have been signed by six governments, committing themselves to mangrove conservation action.

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