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Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI)

CANARI is a regional non-profit organisation with over 20 years experience of promoting equitable participation and effective collaboration in managing the natural resources critical to development in Caribbean small island states.
CANARI seeks to achieve its mission through:
? applied and action research on, and analysis, monitoring and evaluation of, innovative policies, institutions and approaches to participation and governance;
? sharing and dissemination of lessons learned;
? fostering partnerships, particularly those that build on regional assets and talents and contribute to closer regional cooperation.


1. Participatory Forest Management: Improving Policy and Institutional Capacity for Development (2006-2008): The goal of this project is to improve the socioeconomic and environmental benefits that can be derived from forest management by analysing the actual and potential contribution of forest resources to national and regional poverty alleviation and environmental strategies, and promoting and building capacity for participatory planning and management of forest resources at all levels.
2. Practices and Policies that Improve Forest Management and the Livelihoods of the Rural Poor in the Insular Caribbean (2007-2010): The project aims to identify, promote, and build capacity for institutional arrangements which optimise the socio-economic contribution of forest resources to the rural poor of the insular Caribbean.
3. Climate Change and Biodiversity: This is a 2-year project designed to increase understanding and consensus on what is known and not known about the impacts of climate change on biodiversity in the islands of the Caribbean. The ultimate goal will be to identify how protected area management, biodiversity protection, and conservation policy can best address climate change in the region.

Type of organisation: 
Environment-Development Institution
Trinidad and Tobago

Sarah McIntosh, Executive Director
Phone: +868 626 6062

Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI), Fernandes Industrial Centre, Administration Building, Eastern Main Road, Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago
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