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Ecoagriculture Partners (EP)

Ecoagriculture Partners (EP) is an international non-profit organisation that strives for a world where current agricultural lands are increasingly managed as ecoagriculture landscapes to achieve three complementary goals: to enhance rural livelihoods; conserve biodiversity; and sustainably produce crops, livestock, fish, and forest products. EP helps to scale up successful ecoagriculture approaches by catalyzing strategic connections, dialogue, and joint action among key actors at local, national, and international levels.


1. Landscape Measures Initiative: This initiative seeks to help ecoagriculture practitioners measure the social, economic and ecological outcomes of landscape-scale management practices, as well as develop tools for multi-stakeholder groups to plan landscape activities and set measurable goals and targets. A common framework is being developed to support local stakeholders to work together with public, private and civic institutions to develop locally-appropriate evaluation methods and indicators that jointly assess outcomes on biodiversity conservation, sustainable production and rural livelihoods.
2. Community Knowledge Service: Ecoagriculture Partners is working in partnership with the UNDP Equator Initiative and a number of community-based leaders and partners to design and implement an international ?Community Knowledge Service?. The goal of the Community Knowledge Service is to enable community leaders to strengthen and scale-up their work to enhance livelihoods while sustaining and conserving biodiversity. The CKS focuses on bottom-up processes that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise, and the adaptation and application of new knowledge to strengthen community management practices.
3. Markets for Ecoagriculture: Strengthening market incentives to practice ecoagriculture is also a key challenge. Current market incentives rarely reflect the value rural producers and communities provide as environmental stewards. EP is supporting a number of activities to understand and mobilize innovative product and ecosystem service markets that have the potential to improve the economic viability of ecoagriculture.

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Environment-Development Institution
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Dr Sara J. Scherr, President, Ecoagriculture Partners
Sajal Sthapit, Program Associate, Ecoagriculture Partners

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