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Indigenous Peoples' Biodiversity Network (IPBN)

The Indigenous Peoples’ Biodiversity Network (IPBN) is a coalition of thirty indigenous peoples groups from around the world. An informal network of indigenous scientists, lawyers, community educators, conservation practitioners and activists, IPBN has facilitated an open-ended and ongoing discussion among indigenous peoples concerning the opportunities within the Convention on Biological Diversity for promoting, preserving and protecting their rights to manage, control and benefit from their own knowledge and resources. IPBN has also played an important role in educating governments, multilateral agencies, and non-governmental organisations about the links between cultural and biological diversity and the necessity of addressing indigenous peoples’ rights if the Convention is to succeed in its goals.


IPBN is an indigenous network and does not develop or implement projects.

Type of organisation: 
Indigenous Peoples/Local Community Organisation

Dr. Alejandro Argumedo, International Coordinator Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Network

Indigenous Peoples’ Biodiversity Network (IPBN), PO Box 567, Cusco, Peru
Phone: +51 84 23-2603