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Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples (NCIV)

The Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples (NCIV) is a NGO (non-governmental organisation) based in Amsterdam which has been supporting the promotion and protection of the rights of Indigenous Peoples world-wide since 1969.
Indigenous Peoples are the original inhabitants of distinct territories and are generally marginalized in relation to the dominant culture. These approximately 300 million people are among the poorest of the world. At the same time, they represent the rich diversity of the world's cultures and represent unique perspectives on society. In terms of environment, Indigenous Peoples are often the custodians of the biological diversity of the territories they inhabit.
In a growing international movement, Indigenous Peoples are organising themselves in order to secure the recognition for their rights. As a support group NCIV works to raise awareness and to assist them in their struggle. The main rights Indigenous Peoples seek are those related to the rights to their lands and natural resources, the right to the preservation of their cultures, the control over their intellectual property rights, and the right to the protection of indigenous knowledge, all of which are contingent upon the recognition and respect for their right to self-determination. Indigenous Peoples seek to be able to fully participate in decision-making processes on the local, national and international levels which concern their lives.
NCIV pays special attention to the role and position of Indigenous women, who are doubly marginalized, both as Indigenous People and as women. NCIV supports the collective and individual human rights of Indigenous Peoples as was determined in the Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Further, NCIV dedicates itself to the awareness raising on Indigenous Peoples' issues in the Dutch society and beyond.


One of the main activities of NCIV is the administration of the Grants for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (GRIP). With GRIP NCIV seeks to increase financial support to small-scale initiatives coming from organizations of indigenous peoples in order to promote, at the local level, the recognition and implementation of their rights.
Some Examples of GRIP Supported Activities:
- Local workshops, training sessions and other educational activities on promoting the recognition and implementation of the rights of indigenous peoples in general or Indigenous women.
- Means to map and demarcate indigenous peoples' territories.
- Means to participate in local, regional and national meetings concerning the rights of indigenous peoples.

Type of organisation: 
Indigenous Peoples/Local Community Organisation

P.O. Box 94098
1090GB Amsterdam
The Netherlands