Centre for Sustainable Development & Environment (CENESTA)

The Centre for Sustainable Development (CENESTA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable community- and culture-based development. Its main area of work is Iran and Southwest Asia. CENESTA experts have also engaged in extensive activities in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and in the international arena in general. CENESTA is a member of IUCN—the World Conservation Union and is affiliated with the University of the North (Iran).


1. Facilitating Sustainability of Biodiversity and Livelihoods for Mobile Pastoralist Communities in Iran – A Learning by Doing Project: This project aims to empower migratory nomadic pastoral communities to identify the most appropriate models for sustaining livelihoods and agro-biodiversity.
2. Protection of Char Tang-e Kushk-e Zar Wetland towards a Community Conserved Area with the participation of Kuhi Sub-tribe in Eghlid Township, Fars Province (Zagros Region).

Type of organisation: 
Environment-Development Institution

Taghi Farvar, Director
E-mail: taghi@cenesta.org

Centre for Sustainable Development & Environment (CENESTA), 108 Azerbaijan Avenue
13169 Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98 21 66 972 973, Fax: +98 21 66 800 411
E-mail: cenesta@cenesta.org

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