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Irish Aid

Irish Aid is the Government of Ireland's programme of assistance to developing countries. Irish Aid's programme reflects a longstanding commitment to human rights, international cooperation and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, which are fundamental principles of Irish foreign policy. The Irish Aid programme has as its absolute priority the reduction of poverty, inequality and exclusion in developing countries. Since its inception in 1974, the Irish Aid programme has had a strong geographic focus on Sub-Saharan Africa.


1. Irish Aid supports a partnership between the Ethiopian Government, Farm Africa and SOS Sahel, in the Bale Mountains Eco Region. Support is being provided to communities to turn traditional activities into income generating enterprises (e.g. beekeeping, bamboo furniture manufacturing, mead production, wild coffee harvesting). Plans are at an advanced stage to harness support from carbon markets, rewarding local communities for their success in reversing forest depletion trends.
2. Irish Aid is one of the supporters of the PCLG.

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Development organisation

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