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IMM is a consultancy company whose mission is to provide high quality services and support through partnerships with communities, governments and other development organisations to achieve equitable and sustainable development. Through the partnerships that IMM establishes they are able to bring a variety of skills and knowledge areas to the development process. These include:
? livelihoods approaches for diagnostic uses, community development, and monitoring and review;
? community planning, mobilisation and group formation;
? project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation;
? the use of systematic approaches to enhancing and diversifying rural livelihoods;
? knowledge management and dissemination;
? technical guidance in fisheries and aquatic resources, coastal development, common-pool resource use especially by remote/marginalised communities.


The Corali Project - Livelihood Diversification in South Asia: IMM has entered into an agreement with ICRAN, UNEP, SACEP and UNF to build institutional capacity in aquatic resource management in the South Asia region, and to further the role of livelihood diversification in the process.

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