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WWF European Policy Office

WWF European Policy Office (EPO) works on EU policies and actions. More specifically, WWF EPO looks at EU development, fisheries, climate change, environmental and sustainable development policies and commitments. EPO carries out advocacy work on EU development policy and programming with a focus on civil society participation, natural resource management and environmental governance, and the links with poverty eradication and human development in developing countries. The organisation is mainly engaged in ongoing policy work on EU Sustainable Development Strategies, EU Development Cooperation, EU Africa Strategy, and EU external relations (e.g. EU-China, EU-India).


Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Sally Nicholson
Phone: +32 2 740 0937

WWF European Policy Office, Development Policy, 168 avenue de Tervuren, B20, 1150 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32 2 743 8800