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A Rocha International

A Rocha is a Christian conservation organisation implementing community-based projects in Europe, the US and many developing countries. Through its residential field study centres, site-based projects and wider advocacy, A Rocha:
• carries out ecological surveillance, monitoring and research in areas of high biodiversity and nature value;
• spearheads and promotes practical measures and policies for conserving and restoring habitats and their fauna and flora;
• encourages appreciation of nature and participation in its conservation, through environmental education and community outreach.

A Rocha recognises the inextricable links between the impoverishment of the natural world and poverty in human communities. Conversely, long-lasting solutions to the crisis of biodiversity loss across the globe have to involve local populations. A Rocha works with people in situations of extreme poverty to achieve restoration of ecosystems, and bring hope to their communities.

A Rocha - Uganda

A Rocha Uganda was established as an official A Rocha project in June 2010. Their goal is to restore degraded environments, conserve nature and encourage local communities to use natural resources in a sustainable way. 


1. ASSETS Programme (an eco-bursary scheme initiated by A Rocha Kenya) supports children in communities bordering the Arabuko Sokoke Forest so that they are able to attend secondary school. Through its environmental education programme, A Rocha teaches young people about ways in which they can benefit from the survival of the forest.
2. On the outskirts of the Mole National Park in northern Ghana, A Rocha is using Community Resource Management Areas (CREMAs) as a tool for harmonising conservation goals, rural poverty reduction and sustainable natural resource management. The result is the incentive to manage the savannah ecosystem of the CREMA for people and wildlife, for the long-term.

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Conservation organisation
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A Rocha - Uganda

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