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Innovative Resources Management (IRM)

Innovative Resources Management (IRM) is a non-governmental organisation that works with local communities in developing countries to effectively respond to the complex challenges of sustainable development. IRM works to strengthen local institutions that promote sustainable natural resources management and build the technical and institutional capacities of beneficiary populations within developing nations.


1. The Congo Livelihood Improvement and Food Security Project (CLIFS): This project focuses on increasing the level and sustainability of agricultural production and freshwater fisheries, and strengthening rural credit and micro-finance activities to support productive investments in agriculture in the provinces of Bandundu and Equateur.
2. Eco-regional Initiatives to Promote Alternatives to Slash & Burn Practices: This project aims to reduce slash and burn agriculture and improve land management practices to conserve critical habitats and biodiversity and improve rural livelihoods in Madagascar.
3. Uganda Productive Resource Investment for Managing the Environment: This project aims to expand sustainable economic opportunities in Uganda while conserving its biodiversity.

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation
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