Tanzania Specialist Organization on Natural Resources and Biodiversity Conservation (TASONABI)

TASONABI is a Tanzania-based NGO specialising in natural resource management and community development, through integrated interdisciplinary analysis and participatory programmes. In collaboration with partners, TASONABI contributes to the Tanzanian government’s national development and poverty eradication policies. The main objective of TASONABI is to contribute to improved livelihoods of the local communities surrounding Kazimzumbwi Forest Reserve through improved environmental conservation and increased supply of forest products from village forest reserves and farmland tree growing.


For the period 2009 to 2010 TASONABI continued to work on:
- Promoting need for integrated energy planning in Tanzania with emphasis on biomass fuels, which account for 91 percent of the total energy used in Tanzania but with declining supply.
- TASONABI is encouraging efficient use of firewood through improved stoves and improvement of charcoal production.
- TASONABI is also encouraging urban forestry by providing technical assistance on choice of tree species suitable for planting in different urban areas and for income generation.
- TASONABI is contributing to awareness raising to the local communities on climate mitigation and adaptation.

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Bariki Kaale
E-mail: bkkaale@yahoo.com

Tanzania Specialist Organization on Natural Resources and Biodiversity Conservation (TASONABI), PO Box 8550, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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