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The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

TERI is an autonomous, not-for-profit research institute, established in 1974. While in the initial period the focus was mainly on documentation and information dissemination activities, research activities in the fields of energy, environment, and sustainable development were initiated towards the end of 1982. The genesis of these activities lay in TERI?s firm belief that sustainable use of natural resources, efficient utilisation of energy, large-scale adoption of renewable energy technologies, and reduction of all forms of waste would move the process of development towards the goal of sustainability. During the last 15 years, the Forestry and Biodiversity (F&B) Group of TERI has gained extensive experience on biodiversity conservation related projects.


1. Adapting Livelihoods and Landscape approach in Shiwalik hill ranges and middle Himalayas of India with a focus on Joint Forest Management Programme: The Livelihoods and Landscape Strategy (LLS) project aims to catalyze the sustainable use and conservation of forest biodiversity and ecosystem services for the benefit of the rural poor.
2. DROP Integrated Watershed Development Project: The Development, Rehabilitation and Outreach Project (DROP) is an integrated watershed development project implemented by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) with support from PEPSICO Foundation, USA. The project aims for a holistic development of the watershed area through active participation of the community.
3. Community-based conservation, quality seedling production and value addition of medicinal plants by establishment of technology transfer demonstration plots: The project aims to set up Technology transfer plots (Herbal Gardens) at Gual Pahari, Haryana and TERI?s Research Centre at Supi, Uttarakhand to serve as conservation, education, knowledge management centers and repositories of the region?s medicinal plant resources and traditional knowledge.

Type of organisation: 
Environment-Development Institution

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