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Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF)

ERuDeF is a Cameroonian non-profit organisation dedicated to wildlife conservation and protection of fragile environments. Founded in 1999, ERuDeF is a membership organisation and works in partnership with local communities and other relevant stakeholders, including the government and international organisations. ERuDeF's core programmes include: i) biodiversity research and conservation (focal species: gorillas, chimpanzees, other endangered primates, endangered birds and red data plants); ii) forest landscape restoration; iii) social science (micro-finance and enterprise development, socio-economics research, land-use planning, community conservation management modelling); iv) women and gender; v) education.


1. Livelihood Support Project for Biodiversity Management in south-western Cameroon: The aim of this project is to build the capacity of forest adjacent communities through training, provision of alternative livelihoods and microcredit. Over 3000 local people are now involved in this project. Poacher, trappers, women and youths are the main target groups.
2. Lebialem Highlands Forest Conservation Initiative: This Initiative has produced the following major results: i) launch of the Lebialem Highlands Forest Restoration Programme, ii) proposal for the creation of Lebialem Highlands as an Important Birds Area (IBA), iii) discovery of a new sub-population of gorillas in the Bechati-Fossimondi-Besali forest.
3. The Lebialem Hunters’ Beekeeping Initiative (LHBI): This is a locally-led multi-stakeholder partnership based in the Lebialem Highlands of Southwest Province, Cameroon. LHBI's aim is to reduce financial dependence on bushmeat and the volume of species harvested by providing hunters with an alternative income source through beekeeping.

Type of organisation: 
Environment-Development Institution

Louis Nkembi
Phone: +237 99 12 29 04

ERuDeF, PO Box 189 Buea, SW Cameroon
Phone: +237 33 32 27 47