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Center for Rural Empowerment and the Environment (CREE)

CREE is a non-governmental organisation that seeks practical solutions to bridging the gap between sustainable development and environmental conservation. CREE achieves this through programmes that focus solely on poverty alleviation and resolving human-wildlife conflict. This means that all of CREE's projects have the goal of making rural peoples? lives better as a result of living near wildlife. CREE is uniquely structured with local leadership on 100% of all its projects. Thus CREE forms a tightly held together nucleus of young and passionate talent from the developing world. CREE empowers local scientists to leverage tangible and relevant impacts for their local communities from wildlife, striking a more sustainable and just balance between man and the environment. Most importantly, CREE enables local communities to accomplish their dreams by giving them the resources they need to implement their ?brainchild? for the benefit of their people.


1. Facilitating alternative protein sources around Mount Cameroon National Park, Cameroon: community snail farming.
2. Reducing human-hippo conflict through improved agricultural techniques in Dunga wetlands, Kenya.
3. Minimizing human-lion conflict around Tarangire National Park through education and innovative lion fencing techniques.
4. Fostering micro-enterprise development in coastal communities through sea turtle arts and crafts: traditional Moruca embroidery, Guyana.
5. Developing small-scale whale watching eco-tourism in the Babuyan Islands, Philippines.
6. Coral Reefs and alternative income generation: diversifying livelihoods options for climate change resilience through aquaculture, Sri Lanka.

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation
United States of America

Mike Skuja, Executive Director
Phone: 001-262-527-0632

Center for Rural Empowerment and the Environment (CREE), 2121 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA