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International Centre for Responsible Tourism - South Africa (ICRT-SA)

The mission of the ICRT-SA is to contribute to economic development, social justice and environmental integrity through the development and promotion of Responsible Tourism by:
? influencing public institutions, the tourism industry, donors and tourists to integrate the principles of responsible tourism into their policies, operations and activities;
? communicating the principles of responsible tourism by capacity building, education and awareness programmes to the broadest possible constituency;
? initiating and undertaking research to develop knowledge to support the implementation of responsible tourism.


The ICRT South Africa is currently working on the following projects:
? Responsible Tourism Strategy and Implementation Plan for South African National Parks
? Responsible Tourism Policy and Action Plan for City of Cape Town
? National Responsible Tourism Standards and Accreditation Process for the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

Type of organisation: 
Development organisation
South Africa

Heidi Keyser