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The National Consumers and Environmental Alliance / Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE)

ANCE-Togo is a non-profit and independent network organisation of 26 affiliated member organisations and more than 436 individuals in Togo. ANCE/Togo and its members have been working for sustainable development in Togo since 1999. ANCE/Togo's campaign teams in all areas of Togo are engaged in advocacy, grassroots organizing, research, and education. ANCE/Togo is representing Civil Society Organisations in several public Institutions/Working groups in Togo like the National Commission on Sustainable Development, the National Commission on Wetlands, the Food Security Observatory; ANCE has also the statute of Observer at the national Parliament.


1. Sustainable agriculture: Organic cotton project and sustainable vegetable growing.
2. Rural development (promotion of hygiene and food safety).
3. Biodiversity (mangrove conservation).
4. Climate change (tree planting, soil conservation, waste management, etc).

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Ebeh Adayade Kodjo

ANCE-Togo, Résidence SITTO, Rue N°10, Imm.203, 08 BP.80.925, Lomé, Togo
Phone: +228 33 22 89, Fax: +228 222 29 91