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Rubaga Division (Kampala City Council)

Rubaga Division is a Local Government which is mandated by the Local Government Act (1997) of Uganda to provide services to, and to design and implement development plans that aim at improving the living conditions of all persons living within its boundaries. This includes poverty eradication and environmental management. The Local Government Act 1997 decentralised certain environment management functions to districts, municipalities, town councils or divisions.
The decentralized functions that are now the responsibility of the districts, municipalities, town councils or division councils include: environment sanitation, water services, wetlands and forests, preservation of the environment through the protection of forests, wetlands, lakeshores, streams and prevention of environment degradation, camping and grazing sites, sanitary services and regulation of refuse, noise regulation, quarrying, burning rubbish and grasslands, maintenance of public unoccupied land and fire control.


1. Community Wetland Management Action Planning Project: This project is aimed at directly involving communities in conserving the wetlands on which a very large number of people depend for livelihood and sustenance. It envisages creating awareness among the communities directly using the wetlands for income generation and those living close to the wetlands on wise and sustainable use of wetlands, the wetland law and national policy for the conservation and management of the wetland resources. It also aims at giving those very communities a chance to draw and participate in implementing relevant action plans for conserving the wetlands so as to increase and prolong benefit from the wetlands. The project ultimately aims to create buffer zones between the wetlands and the mainland so as to rid the wetlands of the (generally elite) encroachers who are degrading the wetland systems upon which the poor people depend for survival.
2. Briquette and Peel Bran Making Project: This project involves communities in making briquettes out of waste. Communities are trained to reuse waste which for a long time has usually been disposed of inappropriately. The project aims to reduce the quantity of waste cast into the environment. It aims at involving the communities in reusing waste material, turning it into a source of income. The communities use banana peelings to produce energy briquettes and peel bran, which they sell to get income. The peel bran can also be fed to livestock and poultry, reducing the cost of keeping livestock and poultry as a source of income. The project therefore helps to conserve the environment by reducing waste and eradicating poverty by providing a source of livelihoods.

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation (Government(Domestic))

Godfrey Oluka

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Rubaga Division (Kampala City Council), Environment and Natural Resources Section of the Public Health Department
Rubaga Division, P.O. Box 7010, Kampala, Uganda