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Fundación de Cultura Islamica (Islamic Culture Foundation)

The Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI) is a non-profit, non-partisan, strictly independent cultural and scientific Spanish organisation (registered as a private cultural foundation in the Registry of the Protectorate of Cultural Foundations of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport), which concerns itself exclusively with matters related to cultural research, development and cooperation.


1. Aleppo: The Town Council of Aleppo has assigned a 2,500- metre plot to the Islamic Culture Foundation within the 42-acre Assabil Public Park, which dates from the times of the French Protectorate, to create a garden with landscaping and botany of Andalusí inspiration fitting in harmoniously with its surroundings.
2. Jerusalem Andalusí Botanic Garden: The city of Jerusalem is creating the Jerusalem Andalusí Botanic Garden. This garden will re-create the collections, philosophy, morphology and traditional irrigation systems of traditional Andalusí gardens, focusing on the conservation of Mediterranean, and particularly Palestinian, flora.

Type of organisation: 
Development organisation

Basilio Rodriguez


Fundación de Cultura Islamica (Islamic Culture Foundation), Programa MEDOMED, C/ Guzmán el Bueno 3, 2º Dcha 28015 Madrid, Spain
Phone/fax: 0034915434673