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Terra Viva Grants is an information directory of international grant makers for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the developing world. Terra Viva Grants provides detailed profiles of over 320 grant makers, and is adding to this base each month. Terra Viva Grants offers funding news for grant seekers, including a rolling calendar of application deadlines. Other funding news presents information on new and changed grants programmes. Terra Viva Grants also provides links and resources for grant seekers.
Compared with many other sources of grants information, Terra Viva Grants is integrative and global when considering sectors, regions, and grant purposes. For example, they post conservation funders as well as funders in adjacent and overlapping sectors. Terra Viva Grants is interested in sources of grants for all of the world's developing regions. Finally, Terra Viva Grants includes funding opportunities for development NGOs as well as for research scientists - because they do not think that either side alone is going to be particularly effective without the other.


Type of organisation: 
Other (Private/Educational)

Jan Laarman
Email: terravivagrants@gmail.com

Terra Viva Grants, 10, avenue des Tilleuls, 1780 Echebrune, France
Phone: (335) 46-95-94-76
E-mail: terravivagrants@gmail.com

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