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Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia (SCNL)

SCNL is a conservation organisation which seeks to educate, encourage and assist civil society understand the need to conserve nature and build consensus on the effective management of biodiversity, to ensure that the use of natural resources is sustainable, and that biodiversity is effectively managed and wisely used.


1. Across the River Trans-boundary Peace Park for Liberia and Sierra Leone is a joint conservation initiative for Liberia and Sierra Leone in conserving the Gola national Forest. The specific objective is the long?term conservation of forests, their biodiversity and global carbon storage benefits are secured through national and international partnerships for improved forest governance across the Sierra Leone-Liberia border. It consists of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) of Liberia as government arm and the Society for the Conservation of nature of Liberia (SCNL), representing the civil society organisation in Liberia (CSO). Representing the international partners are Birdlife International and Royal Society for the protection of Birds (RSPB). Its main donor is the European Union.
2. The NABU Africa Working Group's objective is to support two organisations, SCNL and Society Against Environmental Degradation (SAED), to work with University Students from the University of Liberia to promote nature conservation and environmental protection in Liberia through ornithological studies through field oriented activities within one County (Montserrado) of Liberia.
3. JENSEN is a small grant project geared towards improving Natural Resource use and management by local communities at the Lake Piso Reserve (Cape Mount County). The project seeks to discourage the destruction of nestling and dwelling sites of avifauna and non-avifauna during fuel wood harvesting by local communities by initiating new technology (production of eco-stove fish dryers) that use less wood thereby reducing the pressure on the vegetation.
4. Critical Ecosystem Partnership Funds- sustaining and securing capacity in Biodiversity conservation Action in the Upper Guinea Forest Area with focus on Project Area Managers in the use of the Management Tracking Tools (METT), young graduates and local community groups in and around hotspots. The project has set up the first Protected Area Network of Liberia (East Nimba Nature Reserve, Lake Piso Nature Reserve and Gola Forest).

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

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Society for the Conservation of Nature of Liberia, Budget Bureau Community, Capitol Hill, P.O. Box 2628 1000-10 Monrovia, Liberia
Phone: +231-657-3612, +231-651-2506