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The Gorilla Organization (GO)

The Gorilla Organization works internationally to save the world's last remaining gorillas in the wild, by funding small grass-roots projects, run by local African partners, that tackle the real threats to the gorillas' long term survival. Today, gorillas are threatened, not due to a demand for their meat or their infants, but due to a demand for the lush forest in which they live. For the poverty-stricken communities around the gorilla habitat, it is the gorilla forest that provides them with many of their fundamental human needs. But, sadly, the collection of basic resources such as water and firewood is destroying the gorilla habitat and, in turn, the gorillas.
The Gorilla Organization understands that if gorillas are to have a realistic chance of survival in the context of Africa's significant challenges, conservation and poverty alleviation need to happen side-by-side. And so the Gorilla Organization works with local communities to find alternative resources to those found in the forest, lessening encroachment into the gorilla habitat and lifting local people out of poverty.


The Gorilla Organization carries out a number of projects focusing on conservation, research, education and development in Rwanda, DR Congo, Gabon, Uganda and Cameroon.

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Conservation organisation
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