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Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI)

The mission of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) is to promote conservation of the bonobo and its tropical forest habitat in the Congo Basin. Together with Congolese and international partners, local communities and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, BCI is implementing innovative solutions to address the complex problem of bonobo conservation. The Initiative is working to conduct bonobo surveys, establish protected areas, build capacity of Congolese partners and indigenous communities, and to increase global awareness about bonobos.


BCI's approach revolves around reducing the pressure on bonobo habitat through improved agriculture (cassava project), micro-enterprise development and micro credit. BCI is also working to restore infrastructure devastated by conflict. Linked to their agriculture development programme, BCI has rehabilitated a barge - The Ketsey – the main provider of river transport, restoring access to markets for agricultural crops and other goods. BCI has also recently launched a REDD initiative, generating carbon credits from the Sankuru Nature Reserve - the first protected area to be established in the Bonobo Peace Forest, a planned constellation of community-managed protected areas linked by conservation corridors.

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Conservation organisation
United States of America

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