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Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)

Established in 1980, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) is an NGO dedicated to nature conservation and sustainable development in Nigeria. The foundation has a vision of “a Nigeria where people prosper while living in harmony with nature”. This vision drives its mission to preserve the full range of Nigeria’s biodiversity, which includes species, ecosystems and genetic biodiversity; promote the sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations; and advocate actions that minimise pollution and wasteful utilisation of renewable resources. Through its conservation projects, the foundation has developed unique nature conservation strategies that cater for the needs of people while maintaining ecosystem stability.


Afi Mountain Reserve (home of cross river gorillas) and Gashaka Gumti NP (home of Nigeria and Cameroon chimpanzees): these two projects address ape conservation and poverty reduction issues. In particular, the Afi project included support for FFI’s research into the future feasibility of gorilla habituation for tourism, which could create income-generating opportunities for local people.

Type of organisation: 
Conservation organisation

Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Km, 19, Lagos-Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, P.O. Box 74638, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
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